Saturday, June 16, 2012

Morning Glory....

Before I start my marathon clean day to get ready for the next family event, I wanted to share a few more photographs, then I will have to turn the Charlotte blogging back to Heather--(P.S. Heather, now that my fingers have learned to type Charlotte really fast--let's not shorten it, let's keep calling her Charlotte!)

Good morning sunshine!

Life is Good

We are all together again!

Big Brother is holding me!
Even bigger brother is watching out for me!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Eyes Wide Open....

 Time to wake up!!

 Mommy's Girl (speaking of Heather here :-)

O.K. I am unplugged and ready to blow this joint!

A friend pointed out that Charlotte was born under the sign of Gemini--The Twins. I think that this is a nice thought and that Lily and Claire are looking down and smiling on little Charlotte!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Angels and Devils

Well not really...they wish they could be "bad boys" with mohawks, tattoos and midnight toiletpapering, but the Sullivan boys just don't have it in their DNA. Even though they made themselves stay up long after we had gone to bed to TP the house, they were very environmentally conscientious and spread the one roll of toilet paper over as many square feet as humanly sheet at a time! (Dave you may have to take these boys out on a real TP run sometime and show them how it is done!)

This is Heather's new home this weekend, unfortunately my wide angle lens can't really capture the "coziness" of her closet. It did have enough space for Andy and her to dine together. (Don't worry, despite the breast pump in the background, Andy's carton of milk was bought at the cafeteria!)

I still get my "angel moments" occasionally!

Yeah, she is dressed, not exactly Vera Wang but we are making progress!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Because we just can't get enough....

Looking much, much better today. We tried so hard to get her to wake up but she just isn't quite ready to let go of those dreams. I tried explaining to her about the fashion closet that awaits her as soon as she is "unplugged"--I hope she is giving this some thought.

Katelyn really wanted her to open her eyes so that Katelyn's face would be imprinted as the "favorite aunt." Sorry to all my other auntie blog followers. She got one eye open for a second.

Jessica, we need you--thank goodness you will be here at about the same time she will be needing a fashion coordinator!

Aaaah, much happier now that we bundled her again!
Mommy and daughter--just as it should be!

P.S. deleted last comment about the nurse--she is much too nice and taking good care of Charlotte-besides she turned the other direction when she saw there was three of us in the room instead of the allotted two.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For the auntie brigade...

Here is a couple more. Katelyn and Trevor took the boys up to see Heather and got to see Charlotte! Things are improving--and the boys learned how to really, really wash their hands! Hopefully, Heather gets to go and hold her next.

Little does the nurse in the background know that Katelyn is "Super Nanny" in disguise!
Edit: Katelyn just told me the lady was really nice and even stayed over so they could go in--just one of those pics I guess :-) because she has a beautiful smile and was so kind!
Whoa, somebody is going to be VERY busy, Dave! (Is that paper hanging down like a cash register receipt showing you what that O 2 costs!)

She is here!!

Charlotte Ashley Sullivan-Born June 5, 2012 at 8:30 Six lbs. 12 oz. Having some breathing issues. Heather waiting to see her--ooooh the burden of motherhood-waiting, waiting, waiting. Heather itches--body and soul at the moment!

Yeah--finally mother and baby back together-for a few minutes anyway. Keep those thoughts and prayers going that they will be together soon!!
 I will keep posting as the day goes on!!