Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Falls Event Center--Elk Grove, CA

 I don't know if it is exhaustion or exhilaration that is going to keep me from writing everything I feel about this past week. But for tonight,  I am going to have to let a few pictures, "say a thousand words!" It has been a ride, the ride of my life at this point, and I am so happy to have reached this milestone in our career and in our family life--feeling a little prideful of my friends and family today!

Thirteen hundred individual strands in this chandelier--I owe the electrician a neck massage!

As always, in all our endeavors--it is all hands on deck and we work round the clock!!

When the last pile of dirt was swept up, we rolled out the red carpet--and the party began!

It is only fitting we opened two buildings, a formal one for Steve and a slightly more comfortable one for Dave.  A craftsman and a businessman--a perfect partnership! I love both these guys and being part of their big dreams!

Family and Associates--but I forget who is who!

Dancing the night away, old people music in one room--with The Four Seasons-(a real live member anyway--and the cool kids in another!

Chillin' in Old Town Sacramento--everyone was ready for an afternoon off!! (Except for Steve of course, we never let him have a day off:-)

The victory is so much sweeter when shared with dear friends--and Ruthanne and I will be shopping and comparing color swatches in our sleep after this week!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Land of Enchantment

After a rather wild ride in April, Steve asked me if I could meet him in Albuquerque for the weekend. The stars lined up, Heather enlisted Andy to help "babysit" her children and I caught a flight. We spent Saturday and Sunday in Santa Fe doing what we could never do with young children, walking through the galleries, admiring the turquoise jewelry and sitting on the patios enjoying the authentic mexican dinners.

New Mexico is on my color pallet!

One of the top five things on my "calm my soul" list--lunch on a patio and good conversation with my sweetheart.

We stumbled on a wedding Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the celebration and listening to the mariachi band--Loved the cowboy boots all around.

Sunday was Art day-starting with the Georgia O'Keefe museum.--She has always fascinated me since she painted just a few miles down the road from my maternal roots. Somehow it makes me feel like we are related in a weird way.

Or maybe we just both love flowers, solitude and orange mountains!

 A little road trip took us up the Rio Grande to Espanola (My mom's hometown) Taos, and Los Alamos!

Grandpa Joe's old fishing hole!

The  Valley

A feast for the eyes and food for the soul!

I need color like plants need rain.

I feel inspired to throw, paint and photograph after my "art retreat"--just for the fun of it!

I have never seen one river interpreted so many ways as I did in Taos.


Goodnight Sun, Goodnight Moon--Goodnight Crow hope to return soon.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Perfect Way to End February!

One of my favorite days of the year--Soldier Hollow Winter Olympics!

Drew way out front-he is fast, really, really fast! Not a coincidence that he was representing Team Norway!

Eli representing Team Mongolia--he reminded me that even though he is in Kindergarten he is reading at a fifth grade level now!

I will save this for when Proctor and Gamble makes one of those touchy feely commercials about moms and olympians!

Soldier Hollow must be one of the very few schools in the country where rifle shooting is part of the curriculum!

So after watching the Olympics, I now understand how in the Biathalon you have to get your heart rate up....

and then lower it so you can shoot straight!!

Isaac waiting to bring home the Gold!

Obligatory Nana shots!

Drew thinks I am cool...(I am saving up so I can follow him around the country as his personal photographer)

Considering how slushy the snow was after our rather warm winter...these two can move!

Off and gliding.

Charlotte's favorite Uncle Jake!


I still get this weird lump in my throat seeing Dave walking around...and Charlotte too!

Picnic in the snow.


A Bluebird Day

Catching some air

This is how I felt about the day too, Isaac!