Friday, February 28, 2014

A Perfect Way to End February!

One of my favorite days of the year--Soldier Hollow Winter Olympics!

Drew way out front-he is fast, really, really fast! Not a coincidence that he was representing Team Norway!

Eli representing Team Mongolia--he reminded me that even though he is in Kindergarten he is reading at a fifth grade level now!

I will save this for when Proctor and Gamble makes one of those touchy feely commercials about moms and olympians!

Soldier Hollow must be one of the very few schools in the country where rifle shooting is part of the curriculum!

So after watching the Olympics, I now understand how in the Biathalon you have to get your heart rate up....

and then lower it so you can shoot straight!!

Isaac waiting to bring home the Gold!

Obligatory Nana shots!

Drew thinks I am cool...(I am saving up so I can follow him around the country as his personal photographer)

Considering how slushy the snow was after our rather warm winter...these two can move!

Off and gliding.

Charlotte's favorite Uncle Jake!


I still get this weird lump in my throat seeing Dave walking around...and Charlotte too!

Picnic in the snow.


A Bluebird Day

Catching some air

This is how I felt about the day too, Isaac!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finishing Touches

I stretched myself a little further than I thought I could stretch, overcame a fear of being out and about and did a lot more than I believed I was capable of....and got to enjoy the "thrill of victory!" We did it---and in a small way "I did it!"


 It was an "Extreme Makeover" for the building and for me!

(A few before pictures!)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oh the Sun Shines Bright, On My Ol' Kentucky Home...

...except during the momentary deluges when it didn't!

It was a weekend of memories, as I returned to Kentucky with my sister, Cathy, to reminisce, reunion, reflect and reconnect--and laugh and laugh!

The grass is always greener on the other side....seemed really appropriate for this trip. 

It is called "The Bluegrass State" for a reason! one has a sprinkler system!!

One of our many bonding moments came as Cathy, Kim and I returned to Route 5 and our family home!

The trees lining the road were so much bigger!

Although not the white clapboard of our youth--outside it still looks pretty much the same--including the addition Lucky built on to it!

The kind lady who has owned it since we moved, invited us in and let us look around. 

Although much had changed, so much was still the same!

Including this closet that Lucky built to accommodate the wardrobe of five teenage girls!

Mainly, what stayed the same, was the sense of sisterhood of five misplaced girls, who left the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix and grew to love each other on a hill in Eastern Kentucky!

This is the hill that made us all the "women" that we are today--someone had to mow it--everyone of us has a story to tell that revolves around a mower or a sled or a late night trip to the cemetery at the top!

Next stop, Crisp's Dairy Treat--some things just keep getting better with time!

Kim was the expert tour guide as she took us wherever our hearts desired-- to all of our old favorite places.

Starting with Greenbo lake!

And she was patient with our "need" to shoot it all with our cameras!

We ended the day at the Ohio River and then with trying our best to capture the lightening bugs in the trees and the Kentucky Cardinal!

Neither, of which we were really able to do, sometimes you just have to experience it in the moment, soak it in and not try to share!

Mike is still as funny as ever and our first Brother in Law!

And the Pulley family lives up to every standard of Southern Hospitality! Thanks for giving up your bed Jill!
Thank you Cathy for being my travel companion and for making this one "Perfect, Hootenanny--a word I promised to start using again!"

My friend Dotty suggested I find this song...who knew our vacation had already been captured on YouTube!