Monday, August 29, 2011

Deep In the Heart of Texas

In our totally unpredictable, predictable life we made a quick trip to the great state of Texas—and I mean the GREAT state-- this week to see Jessica. Friday evening, Steve informed me he had an appointment there and had grabbed an extra ticket for me, so that we could drive over and see John, Jessica and of course, not such a baby anymore, James. The time went much too fast, but I feel much more comfortable now seeing where Jessica has built her nest. It was a lovely trip and made me feel proud to have so much Texan blood flowing through my veins (it is its very own country down there you quickly discover)!

James all grown up!
It was so fun seeing her house and the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds it!

It is all coming together with all the designer touches--and for anyone who was worried, the red entranceway is a must and totally blends with the look of the rest of the house--pictures can never do the workmanship and uniqueness of this house justice!

Not only does she design--She cooks! Jessica has become quite the gourmet in her new kitchen. With some guidance from the natives she has found her inner TexMexan! I should have brought home the leftovers!
There is only one way to endure the heat-lots of H2O

According to the Ten o'clock news--It was the hottest day EVER! Did you get that EVER! It wasn't just me thinking it was the hottest day EVER! The gauge actually hit 113 at a few times during the day. (Remember this isn't "a dry heat")

So the business part of the trip turned out to be much more "pleasure" than "business," as we were the guests at a WNBA game in a lovely box seat--good food, good company and Dog Day at the NBA (no joke everyone brought their dogs--I can't in my wildest imagination think Luke would have sat there!)
With a few hours to kill, we made the pilgrimage to The Alamo to honor our own Texas history and the Crockett relations!
It is a moving place--even on the outside--what an interesting piece of family history!

And finally, with temperatures dropping into the low 100's, we spent the evening at the famous River Walk--it stretches for miles as restaurants, shops and gardens weave through the city--this town had one imaginative city planner indeed! Now with three hours sleep under my belt--and a sore neck from trying to grab a couple more on the plane--it is Monday morning and back to my real life!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday, Jessica Dear!

It seems like this picture captures it all--Jessica has always been "Mom's helper" whether it is doing the dishes, looking out for Andy or running an errand, she was always there as my right hand--making it possible to raise a large family. Now that she is a Mom herself, she is still my helper lifting my spirits with her blogs while the world seems to spiral downward, continuing to look out for her siblings and encouraging me to "expand" my horizons and develop my talents. I have thought of you often this week, Jessica. Happy Birthday to you!

I love, love, love this picture!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011