Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family, Food, Fun

 Jessica came to visit this month and it made for three weeks of fun and family....never all together at the exact same time but still everyone was able to get together and celebrate.

One of our more favorite spontaneous activities, we broke out the paints and had a rock and roll, snowy evening paint-a thon!

Uncle Zac, going for Uncle of the year, welded swords for the nephews!

I got a taste of "twins for a day" (Don't know how you did it Cathy!)

Where the Wild Things Were--up at Soldier Hollow for a Day-the weather could not have been more perfect!

Rissy in Jessica's blessing dress--she isn't all Gregory-I see some Jessica genes there!

Lots of bonding with the sistahs!

Thank goodness, we were able to work in one Derby Cross Country Day before the snow goes mushy!

Finally, got some visitors to the cabin--more cross country skiing-of sorts!

And there was the Derby Girl Mardi Gras party--I guess I was too busy cooking to get a lot of pictures but I did get one of Romney and Brinley.

For as much as we like to meet and eat--we look really good!

And, there was a lot of eating--who knew Chuck a Rama was such a happening place!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now...

Steve had cataract surgery this past week. Every day since, he has remarked several times a day about how clear everything is, how vibrant the colors are and how much happier he feels. I know in a small way what he is talking about. After a very long winter, of having everything clouded with a grey film...we spent a weekend in Southern Utah. I felt the same way. Everything was so clear and vibrant and it made me so happy!

I love the mountains but in the wintertime, I realize that the desert must be a part of my DNA.

The break from the clouds and snow lifted everyone's spirits!

Cousins--(although, I may need to quit referring to everyone that way!)

I love it that God uses a complementary color pallet in Southern Utah!

We hiked a long way to get to this "pond!"

I need to make some sort of motivational poster out of this picture.