Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clinging to Fall.....

We are clinging to the last beautiful days of fall and tried to squeeze the last drops of warm weather out of a weekend in the mountains.
 The sky always captures me and this time the stars were phenomenal--only I can't take pictures of them. We happened to hit the Orionid meteor shower so I made Jake get up in the wee hours of the morning to watch it with me--in the freezing cold--but so worth it!

 My friend Rachelle came for a couple of days--which meant we ate very well and hiked the day away.

Nobletts---as beautiful as ever sans the stinging nettle-this is the time of year to hike it!

My little lesson from mother nature--the pine beetle has decimated so many trees, it is painful to see how many trees have fallen, but then again the forest floor is alive with new growth. I need to remember this when "beetles" attack--new growth is not far behind to replace it!

The aspen trunks are so much more white and vivid when the leaves have fallen.

Andy said, "This is a good hike, it makes me happy!" My thoughts exactly

 One last stand of gold on the mountain.

Drew is no longer one of the boys--he is a man now!

Go, Go Power Rangers! (Although this weekend Captain America seemed to be the Super Hero of choice.)

Eli won every time--hmmm!

Smore, please!

Eli wants to remind grandpa that he will be turning five and needs his own BB gun!

I love having everyone in the same room at night!

Uncle Zac put a "game camera" in the tree--it is fun to see what is on it in the morning!

Speaking of hunting, at the crack of dawn Isaac was in his camouflage and out stalking deer--good thing they double as pajamas

One more view from the camera--look out for Isaac Bambi!

 Not so wild life--these two have bonded ( I have to post these pictures to drive my girls crazy!)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Keep Smiling!

All week long, I found myself smiling....there are just so many things that make me happy!

It's Autumn time, It's Autumn time!

A room with a view!

Morning walks in the park with my BFF's

Late Blooming Roses

Golden afternoons

New family member--Chloe!

The smells of fall!

I just have to think of these two to smile!

Katelyn and April--always smiling!

Two new books--one is life changing, one makes me appreciate the gift of a viewfinder!

Visiting my daughters' houses and seeing one of my greatest joys continuing into the next generation!

No wonder they come packaged with a smile!