Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keeper of the Hearth

Everyday for the past week, I have told Jessica I would post something, but each day passes without any excitement. Well, today wasn't looking exactly like  a "Ski Utah" advertisement either .... so here is a little view from inside.

Andy started the day "a little under the weather" but still looking very GQ as he ate breakfast in bed wrapped in this year's hottest pink blanket!

I outdid myself by making homemade cookies in anticipation of a storm...which hasn't looked too threatening.

Jake went to the orthodontist and is smiling because it is a short day!

The amaryillis are brightening my afternoon!

Mary Poppins always checks the blogs between school and work.

Luke is under house arrest and is a bit melancholy over the whole situation--melancholy beats the alternative.

These are for those who may have missed my FaceBook post. Five Bucks all in row--obviously our little bit of paradise is a safe haven for wildlife....if they eat my tulip bulbs though, it will be war!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Caught Empty Handed

Twice yesterday, I was caught without a camera! Thank goodness Jacob came to my rescue with his iPod.