Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Soldier Hollow-Ten Years Later

 Ten Years Ago the Winter Olympics came to Utah and Cross Country Skiing came to Soldier Hollow. Today the Winter Olympics are still at Soldier Hollow and Team China and Team Mexico were in the lead.
 Ten year from now if the folks in SLC have their way, the Olympics may be back and these two will be the heart throbs of 2022. I am going to save my pictures because NBC will probably pay me the big bucks for them!

 And Dave will be on the sideline cheering them on....or competing in the Senior Games in St. George!
 And the winner is.....

 Behind every Olympic athlete is the Mom who makes it all happen...including making sure that Team China was outfitted and everyone was covered in sunblock!
 Can you believe they make ski boots this small?
 Zac came off the mountain to the Hollow to cheer on his did Andy and his entire class!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We made the trip from the Wasatch Front to the Back side of the Rockies this past weekend. There is something about the mountains that is embedded in my DNA and obviously I passed it on to my boys. Like a salmon swimming upstream to an old spawning ground, Trevor has returned to the Rocky Mountain High of his Grandpa Ussery. There was something about seeing the peaks that brought back a flood of childhood memories. I spent so much time there as a child and it still moves something deep inside of me, so many, many memories!

The mountain air obviously agrees with Trevor--he seems really happy--and who wouldn't be, he skis for a living!

Steamboat and Park City--twinners

This is as close as I got to Trevor's apartment-he said he thought about cleaning but a fresh powder day diverted his attention!

It is called Steamboat Springs for a reason--oh how I would love to have my own personal hot springs!

Katelyn and I really need to go back and ski--it was a perfect day, unfortunately it was the day we were headed home!

T-shirts for all--we always eat better and shop better when we take Dad along for the ride!

So the ride home was rather non-descript-lots of oil wells and big skies; however, antelope, buffalo, bald eagles and lots of deer break up the boring parts.

This is for Jessica--it makes me a little carsick to watch--but in the words of Zac "Fresh PowPow"