Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Was a Love Machine....

 We love: that's why life is full of so many wonderful gifts--Rumi

We were so lucky to get to host the Valentine Dinner/Dance for Andy's Friend's Clubhouse. It was an evening that won't be forgotten. Andy still had a smile on his face when he woke up this morning--and so did I.

Everyone started the evening by making Valentines for each other--while the girls took turns getting their nails painted and the guys took turns in the bathroom for a hot shave and hairstyle.

There was lots of help at the activity....Stacy and Kathy's sisters both came and I was again reminded of the importance of "sisters" in my life and how..... whenever you need them--they are there!!

Cindy (Stacy's sister) made four cakes earlier in the day and then spent the evening with my good friend, Jan Brown, cleaning my kitchen after the is in the air....and in my kitchen!

It has been a while since my family has eaten this well. Steaks, potatoes, chicken cordon bleu....all filled  more than just our hearts.

I kept calling these guys by "best men!"

And then the funnest part of the night began. The living room became a dance floor and we all rocked on!

Everyone danced, every dance!

Well, Darren did have to take a few sets off to join the band!

Katelyn's dance card was full the entire night;  she was in high demand among several admiring young men!

Can you spell H-A-P-P-Y!!!!

They just kept lining up!

Everyone was in their Valentine best--but with smiles like these who cares what you are wearing!

Trevor and his friend Ben provided the music for the evening--nothing like a little roaming drumbeat to make sure everyone stayed on their feet!

Jacob and I have been having a little contest lately to see which one of us can drive the other totally crazy first. But, when I watched him dance every dance last night and make sure that no girl was ever left out--I cried "Uncle" --I am afraid I will drive him crazy long before he pushes me overboard.

In this very room, there is quite enough love for all us.....I am one very lucky lady!!