Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Andy is the Man!!

After the last Christmas gift is opened, we always hear the same thing--Yeah, now it is my birthday! And that is when the countdown begins. For the past week, the first words I hear in the morning are the countdown. Seven more day, six more days....three more day, two more days, and then finally....

Happy, Happy Birthday are the man!

Tuesdays and Thursdays, Andy will be found at Draper Elementary working in the lunchroom.

Michelle Obama would be impressed

Nothing sexier than a man with a mop!

Andy says, "Lunch ladies are hot!"--I say "they are angelic!"

I have eaten my does take a village!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will find Andy at "The Club" chilling with his friends!

Andy and Dane!

Andy and Cameron!

Andy and Beau!

These ladies keep me sane--or share my insanity--either way, they are some of my dearest friends!

Andy and Stacey--what more can I say!!

Andy and Kathy--my wellspring of hope!

Happy Birthday Andy--only 365 days until you be forever 29!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey...

January in any Mountain State can present its own set of challenges, but when an inversion sets in and you do not see the sun for several weeks in a row even the most optimistic souls can find it difficult to cope.

 Looking out my window this morning at my neighbor's bird feeders, I thought to myself maybe there is even something beautiful about the color I slipped on my coat, grabbed my camera and went out to see if I could find anything to be happy about on this foggy, dismal day!

I was pleasantly surprised...and even found a little magic to fill my color deprivation

Up above the haze and fog--my mind began to clear!

And descending back into it, I realized that grey just is....just like discouragement and isn't bad or good or permanent. It is just one more color in the crayons of life...

And if you take the time to get up close and really look at even has a beauty of its own.

And sometimes, when we least expect it, mother nature rewards the seeking and quiet soul.

Two nights ago, the moon was dancing with more smile on a very cold night!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Walking in Winter Wonderland....

A few days after Christmas, I headed up to the cabin. I was a little apprehensive opening the door because I knew people had been there for the last week. Boy was I surprised!! The house was spotless.

A gorgeous, Rockefeller sized tree filled the living room. Pine filled the air!

A bouquet of Christmas flowers was on the table and candy was in the tree shaped dishes! It was almost magical and brought a tear to my eye. Heather and her boys decided to stay and enjoy the work-free atmosphere.

A full moon added a "luster of midday to object below!

One "glitch" that turned out to be "atmosphere" is that the power went out.  We spent the evening by candlelight, listening to Dave strum the guitar. Although, as the evening wore on and the temperature plummeted--we wondered who was going to have to stay up and keep the fire going!

Luke found a warm place to rest!

 Heather's new found crocheting skill helped keep Charlotte warm--and fashionable!

The next day the sun came out, the temperature warmed up and everyone hit the slope--Steve and I even got in a few hours of cross country skiing!

 And should the power go out again. Jake and Luke have made their own crib to stay in--some kids just never grow up!