Monday, August 27, 2012

In the Good Ol' Summertime!

With summer waning and a lot of pictures in my camera, I wanted to share a few of my "thousand gifts" from the past couple of months!

Early mornings in my courtyard cathedral with the sky as a ceiling!

Thirty two years of living with my best friend and soulmate!

Creatures in my garden that make me smile and remind me of the days when lots of boys lived here!

Two baby fawns (even if they do eat my flowers!)

Grandpa and Charlotte time

Trailing ivy

Midnight joy rides!

Strange caterpillars!

Crouching Tiger



Leisurely dinners--maybe my favorite thing of all!

Baby birds

The joy of gardening and the color orange

 Katelyn's kindness

Large flowers

All My Children

Hips that still function (and learning to GIF)

A summer of amazing sunsets

Monday, August 20, 2012

This Is The Place!

My art teacher mentioned that she had moved back to Salt Lake City from New York City because she loved the mountains and she loved watching Salt Lake "come of age." Spending the past couple of weekends downtown with my family in SLC, is helping me to appreciate what my teacher meant--Salt Lake is growing up, changing and developing a more urban vibrancy!

There is no better place to come face to face with the diversity in the city than the Saturday morning Farmer's Market!

  Katelyn is falling in love with city life and I am afraid when she graduates in May it won't be long before she will be a Miss Katelyn Downtown!

Trevor has lived in the City for the past couple of years and seems to know the art and music scene --and their sponsors well!

Hey, we have piano and a bicycle--there are so many ways to make a living in this world!

Father and Son outing!

My favorite things at the Farmer's Market-flowers!

I know these guys--they play the drums for the African Dance Class on Saturday morning!

Trevor's pad

His cool and might I add very clean kitchen!

A women's touch in the dining area--the girls keep it homey and Trevor keeps them safe!

We spend our Sundays downtown too! I love these buildings!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"The Happiest-er Place on Earth"-Sea World!

Since I was a little girl, San Diego has been one of my favorite get-aways...and Sea World one of the happiest places for me. This last trip was no exception. It is one of those places, like fine wine, that gets better with age!

SeaWorld circa 1970--hey I got a pretty good picture of Shamu and that is back when you only had 12 shots on a roll of film to capture the moment!

So are they all called Shamu? hmmm

It thrills me as much today as when I was ten!

It was much easier spending the day keeping track of these two....

...than the day I took everyone when Katelyn was a few months old! (But, even that was a good memory...I just don't know how I kept track of Andy!)

I wish I had a tide pool in my garden.

We got there just in time to take the flamingos for a walk!

Aaaah, Flipper!

And Clyde!

Orange and green-my new favorite combo

I could have stayed in here for hours :-)

SeaWorld is a gardeners delight--I took lots of pictures of how I want my garden next year!

 SeaWorld-Orlando circa 2000!
 (What was with the socks at SeaWorld?)

I am developing a whole new appreciation for color as I keep taking art classes!

The lovely view from the San Diego Hilton Hotel

I used PicMonkey for my pictures for the first time today--it is always fun to try something new!