Thursday, September 27, 2012

And then there were four....

What a difference a day makes! Clarissa Ann arrived right on schedule-her schedule-on September 27, 2012. She weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and it looks to me like she will have blond curly hair.

  No, I wasn't there, stole this from Jessica's camera!

 James is "adjusting" to his new role of big brother-he is not sure exactly what to think yet.

 I on the other hand of already adjusted to my Nana job perfectly!
 Fascinated with the feet!
Jessica is very hungry and very, very tired, but she looks very happy (and very beautiful but she made me promise not to post it!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eat, Drink and Be Married!

The Summer of 2012 was a summer of weddings and family. The great thing about weddings is crossing paths with friends and family--and also adding some new friends and family!!

Tim and Chelsea

Chelsea was the first to tie the knot with Tim in June!

Fortunately for us, the lunch was in our backyard so we could enjoy part of the festivities of the day!

 Tim has seemed like a member of the family for so long it was nice to make it "official."

My sister, Cheryl, worked her magic on this beautiful cake!

Andy, hoping once again to catch the garter...

But, alas, it was not to be this time. Instead, a reluctant younger brother caught the prize!

With none of us being too involved with this wedding we at least caught a moment for a picture.

The newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs.  Henrichsen!

Jordan and Ashlyn

On my birthday, August 22, Jordan and Ashlyn were married--hope it is your lucky day too!

The festivities began the night before with a luau in their honor--didn't prove to be such a lucky day for the pig (not sure what Isaac is thinking)!

The food was amazing!

Another fun night with my grandkids!

Cheryl, Dale and Duff

Once again, Cheryl spent the previous two days in her kitchen creating this!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gardner

Jeremy and Carolyn

On a gorgeous fall evening with this beautiful backdrop Jeremy and Carolyn were married at MillCreek Inn!

This was my family's first "wedding" and everyone was there except Jessica who was sorely missed!

It is a rare occasion where everyone is together--in ties no less!

A beautiful ceremony conducted by our friend Pastor Mike!

I guess I take credit for bringing these two together!

It was fun having the Down side of the family all there!

Tie one on....
Heads up!

Carrying on the mountain theme!

Carolyn has the most beautiful smile....and the dress was to die for!

Dancing,dancing, dancing the night away!

One more chance at that garter, Andy!

These girls have been friends and dance partners as long as I can remember...I smile whenever I think about the YouTube videos over the years....I hope marriage doesn't end the parties!

Andy danced the first dance at nine and didn't stop until the music did at midnight!

Aaaaah, I tear up just looking at this picture!

Thank you Jeremy and Carolyn for helping to make such a fun memory for my family and Jack and Carolyn, Cyndi and Kimberly for surrounding us with your family's love and light!