Monday, February 27, 2012

Soul Sisters

So, a few days ago, I was visiting my favorite non-family blogger, Kelle Hampton's site. I have always loved Kelle, even though I could be her mother...well maybe a very young mother. I feel a kindred spirit in her and not only because we are mothers to children who have Down Syndrome. She has a similar view of life that I would like to incorporate more into my own--minus all the work that it must take for her to accomplish what she does:-) So there I was, scrolling along, when I saw it....OMG, Kelle had a Make-It Book or at least a page from the Make-It book, one of my all-time childhood favorites. I ran to the storage room and under old yearbooks and college papers there it was...a little worse for the wear, but still full of the same exciting images and feelings that made me want to be a homemaker--long before Pinterest! It just made me feel like Anne of Green Gables when she found her best friend Diana!

A children's classic of the 1950's and 60's complete with gender friendly role models! Girls knit--boys build birdhouses (I always wanted to build the birdhouse)

 My mom helped me to put on this very same Valentine party one year!

If we buy ten copies of her book, she will have a "video chat" with us--that would be fun!

So I Googled Kelle Hampton and up pops a picture of Andy--the internet makes it a small, small world!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is just an eclectic glimpse of what I am doing and what makes me theme, no thoughts, in no particular order...

Primrose always help me to bridge the gap between poinsettia and pansy season!

Cheryl treated Cathy and I to an afternoon tea at the Grand America--and it was a treat. The picture of the three of us was "not flattering" and since we don't post pictures that make our butts look fat or our eyes look drunk-this is what you are left with--oh my, was it delicious! Since that day, I have taken more time to sit down in the afternoon with a cup of tea and relax for a minute.

The carmel treat in the background has gold-leaf on the top!

 This ballon has been floating around the house at eye level for the past month--it always makes me smile when I round a corner and come face to face with it.
 On a snowy afternoon, Obama and Luke declared a truce and took a nap. Whenever I see the two of them together I think of this poem my mom used to read to me when I was little.
 Before Christmas, I planted some amaryllis bulbs--one never bloomed so I set the pot in the pool room. Imagine my surprise, when one snowy morning I went out there and found this...a sweet message from Mother Nature reminding me that I will make it through February.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras was a February holiday this year, on the heels of President's Day. It was a small gathering but discovering Louis Armstrong and Nate King Cole on Pandora really jazzed the evening up.

Unbecoming pictures with your mouth full only apply to me and my sisters--Jake ate at least twenty Beignets--and that is not an exaggeration!

 Glitter becomes you Katelyn!
 Rachelle can make eating peanut butter and jelly more fun!

Tawna and Andy always a party make!

Mary Poppins has taken more kids under her wings with a little help from Katie Nana Luke!
 Little Logan has wormed his way into our hearts and brought back a lot of memories--Katelyn is probably tired of hearing stories of the Andy days before she was born.

In this weirdest of winters we were able to get in a ski day--I found I can keep up with Heather better when she is six months pregnant!


After--let the spring cleaning begin!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Something old, something new, something pink....

For our "Derby Girls" lunch, everyone was asked to try something "new" that they hadn't made before. This gave me a good excuse to try and learn to make macaroons. I fell in love in Paris and have wanted to attempt them ever I had the motivation. It is so hard to attempt "clumsy" in a age when you prefer "mastery," but I keep attempting it and am finding that I am getting more comfortable in my neo-kindergarten stage of life. Bon Apetite!

Cathy, of course, mastered the table!

Something new, was little Brynlee--pretty in pink!

Cheryl, came up with the most amazing "new" salsa made out of grapes--we need recipes ladies-- and a cajun shrimp that was to die for--and drink for, it was spicy!

Cheryl, getting "old" needed to try my "new" glasses to read the recipe!

Charlotte--soon to be the "newest" Derby Girl with Heather and Eli!

Welcome Merrile!! She is presenting us with Romney's first attempt at rolls--whoa, some people can move from clumsy to mastery in just a matter of minutes!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What the World Needs Now, Is Love Sweet Love...

...and an occasional afternoon dance in a warehouse!

 Underneath that leather jacket, Andy is all Danny Zucko in his white t-shirt!

Heather was belle of the ball and hustle instructor!

  Cameron and Sarah

Beau, August, Tawna, Nate and Katie

Stacy kept the music playing with everyones favorites from five or six different iPods!

Commercial Lighting has never looked so festive!

Stuart and Chad playing hard to get!

Kathy, our lady of hour and chief party planner! 
Thanks for all your hard work--and the ice cream :-)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrate good times, come on!

Lots of celebrating going on this week!

Aunt Cheryl helped make "facing" a new decade a little sweeter for Heather!

My Girls!! Heather and Charlotte--can we only say how excited we are about the prospects of a new granddaughter!

Deawah--not looking a day over 10!

Basking in the sunshine on a  February afternoon--this could have been a pool record for the number of swimmers under 9!

Nothing like swimming to make everyone starvin' marvin'

True to form, after dinner- the girls gathered in the kitchen, the guys in front of the television and the kids ran wild!

Happy, Happy Birthday Heather Dear--it was so fun celebrating with you!