Monday, October 31, 2011

I'll Get You My Pretties.....

with my camera that is!

Halloween yard decorations at Zac's house are unique to say the least.

Dog the Bounty Hunter.....I am not sure where he is taking Katelyn!
I even got the ever elusive picture of Eli....sharing a ButterBeer with Grandpa at the Three Broomsticks Bar!
Belly Up to the Bar Boys!!
Madame Trelawney fortelling Eli's future!
Professor Lockhart teaching "Defense of the Dark Arts"
The Headmistress of all this Harry Potter fun!
Life comes at you fast, Drumbledor!

Neville, only his hairdresser knows!
Boggart Jake stole the show--as a dancing queen!
(Come by and Trick or Treat, I have the giant candy bars:-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

For Jessica--and anyone else who might drop by!

When I went to tell Andy good-night he was immersed in the word-like mother like son! ( I guess he decided he need "readers" now too!)
I think your rose bush will make it after a lot of tender loving care. I hope we have a few more weeks of warm, because I have so many buds! (P.S. sorry this isn't yours but I liked the picture;)
One of those blustery shots so you won't miss fall--except maybe it will excite you to come ski!
A little more sleet and snow--this is a scary picture look at the ghost in the window--tis the season.

Love you--P.S. James package will be a day late--darn that Columbus anyway!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's autumn time, it's autumn time....

the leaves are falling down!

With a winter storm literally knocking on the door (and windows), I needed to post a few of my fall colors. Maybe because I am an "autumn" on the color palette or because I am entering the "autumn" of life, it just seems like I have been soaking it in more than usual this year.
And with all the time I spent in the wild this week, who knew I would have to come home to see a porcupine in the backyard.