Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ring of Fire

We will be able to tell the grandkids--"We were there" or "This was the Place" or "It burned, burned, that Ring of Fire..."

All these years of going to the big city of Kanarraville-Population 320 and home of the first Female Fire Department--who would have thought that the whole world would someday come there.

We started the weekend with a little work party at "The Ranch." Of course, it is always more of "a party" and less of "a work" when everyone is involved!

Cheyenne was the chief flower planter and bee keeper awayer!

Grandma and Grandpa kept us well fed--as always!

And it was not all work, no play as poor Jacob had to relinquish his Bananagram Title to Aunt Cheryl!

The crowds began arriving early Sunday morning. Both roads in and out of Kanarraville were bumper to bumper as far as the eye and road could see. In fact, the five hour trip home was also bumper to bumper--in some places people were finding it faster to walk on the side of I-15 than to ride.

So does being a blogger qualify me for a Media entrance!

The town was prepared from these to the greeters welcoming us everywhere--(just remember no drinking and no "fowl" language and don't ask to use the church bathroom because they don't want to fill up the septic tank--and if you want to hike the falls it is going to cost you ten bucks-but otherwise the good folks of K-town were happy to have us there-please just don't come back for another hundred years!)

What a happy, Wilde, family!

Thank goodness, Cheryl-always the organized sister, bought the glasses ahead of time so we didn't have to fork out ten more bucks to the "glass scalpers!"

Thanks to the "professional photographers" I was able to nab this shot from the internet...and this is exactly what it looked like through my glasses. A shout went up through the crowd when the eclipse reached its zenith--lasting four minutes. It was four spiritual minutes I might add, when for a moment you realize what a magnificent, ordered universe we live in and how the sun still brings us together for a moment of worship, sharing a little thread of common humanity. It was something that you simply had to be there and experience....I am glad we made the trip!

Dale and I  practiced taking pictures of the sun all morning but just never quite figured it out... Next time we will have to fork out the big bucks for the right lens, especially if we are going to become "eclipse chasers." However, going through my pictures I noticed that I had captured one shot that wasn't half bad taken through Lucky's welders glasses!

I was able to take pictures of the strange shadows cast on the side of the house during the ring of fire portion of the eclipse. 

Do I see a Christmas card for the ever educational centered Wilde Family?

Or perhaps one of the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Down Family
As the day drew to a close with Johnny Cash ringing through the town it was a little sad but don't worry 2017-Boise, Idaho, here we come-it will be a total eclipse for my heart!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

When we're helping were happy.....

According to the book The Five Love Languages (which I have always taken with a grain of salt) my love language is "acts of service" and nothing says, " I love you Mom" more than having a tool in your hand. My kids must really love me this year! And we love Heather, too! We had a great time helping her get ready for little Charlotte and also spending the day together as a family--although Jessica and Zac were sorely missed, but there in spirit!

Love you Mom!

Love you Mom!

Love you Sweetheart!
 Love you Mom!
 I don't need a Mom, but I will still vacuum and help Heather!
 The "Spirit" was present all day! (And so was Karsten--love you Mom!)
 A BooBoo story after Eli fell and had a booboo!
 I got to do the fun stuff!
 Heather and Charlotte looking so chic!
And the rest of the pictures are for Jessica so she can see how darling everything is--we are ALL so ready!

Only a Nana knows how this guy warms my heart and puts a smile on my face--my first grandson and boy does he know how to work!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sugar and Spice and Everything Pink!!

There is something about the color pink that causes women to open their wallets--and in this case Baby Charlotte was our "Project Runway!"

She wasn't the only beneficiary, as a shower is an occasion for the aunts and cousins to catch up and of course eat--tonite it was Cafe Rio!

Does anyone need to "pin" this on pinterest?

Lots of talk about upcoming weddings, finals and who is dating who (or not dating who).

We dusted off the quilting frames--literally, but we still have it in us and even finished it in one sitting!

Heather and her favorite aunt! (so they each said)

Aaaaaah--so cute!

It's a pink party dress!

Cousins first, Friends forever!

Cheryl got to break out the pink food coloring--for one night only now it is back to wedding cakes and white!