Friday, December 23, 2011

'Twas the night, before the night, before Christmas...

And I was feeling a little guilty for not posting a single holiday picture for Jessica who has been so diligent all here is what I have

 I am still trying to figure out how to "shoot the moon" but the early morning eclipse started this magical month spectacularly!

There is never a shortage of new tastes and textures at a Derby Girl event--my first persimmons!

Derby Girls and Dude gather to celebrate in style.

Christmas Tree sleepover sent Luke straight to Dog Heaven!

So being a sleepover and all....a couple "pranksters" decided that they wanted to toilet paper their first house, just like their dad had told them he had done when he had sleepovers. First they made sure Nana and Grandpa were fast asleep and then they went to work....and being the frugal toilet papers they were they covered the sheet at a time...even Joseph was in on the fun!

And meanwhile, on the porch the cat and a couple of reindeer were obviously casing the joint for the big night!

Trying to get rid of some pre-Christmas energy--it didn't work

Baking Christmas cookies became more boy friendly when we found the Ninja Turtle cookie cutters!

The halls are decked, the baking baked, the gifts "almost" wrapped and Mrs. Claus is getting older. (I told Heather, I wish there was more time to just sit and enjoy the season without quite so much work, but still have the decorating and food....she replied, "so what you are saying is you want to be a husband!")

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night..... (well for a few hours anyway)

Monday, December 5, 2011

We Could Have Danced All Night.....

So in addition to our Thanksgiving Day festivities, we also celebrated my Mom's 75th Birthday. We danced the night away and through the decades. The Kanarraville Town Hall has probably never seen such a "wilde" night--with "no alcohol, no smoking and no fowl language :-)"

Katelyn and Cathy donning their 1980's gay apparel and me dressed like Adam's third grade teacher-representing the 1990's. (Mom's outfit is timeless). 

At age 75 I guess you start all over!

No one loves a dance like Andy!

Oh, the magic of helium!

Looks like Jordan is about to break out into the Haka!

Lucky called a few square dances--hmmm, maybe part of our problem is that we were dancing in a circle! 

Adam was quick to remind the group that the next 75th Celebration would be mine!

(As always, I didn't get the memo that the color scheme for our outfits was black and pink, instead I look like a tree!)
Can I only brag on the incredible talent that the grandkids brought to the evening--Lawrence Welk would be so impressed!

Yes, that is Aunt Cheryl wearing my Junior Prom dress AND IT IS ZIPPED clear to the top--makes me a little ill, of course Andy looks dashing as always in his green leisure suit.

Heather and Dave doing their "Dancing With the Stars" routine!

Were all together again! (Jake there has to be a smart butt in every family photo! We will forgive you this once because it was REALLY your birthday that day!)