Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Falls Event Center--Elk Grove, CA

 I don't know if it is exhaustion or exhilaration that is going to keep me from writing everything I feel about this past week. But for tonight,  I am going to have to let a few pictures, "say a thousand words!" It has been a ride, the ride of my life at this point, and I am so happy to have reached this milestone in our career and in our family life--feeling a little prideful of my friends and family today!

Thirteen hundred individual strands in this chandelier--I owe the electrician a neck massage!

As always, in all our endeavors--it is all hands on deck and we work round the clock!!

When the last pile of dirt was swept up, we rolled out the red carpet--and the party began!

It is only fitting we opened two buildings, a formal one for Steve and a slightly more comfortable one for Dave.  A craftsman and a businessman--a perfect partnership! I love both these guys and being part of their big dreams!

Family and Associates--but I forget who is who!

Dancing the night away, old people music in one room--with The Four Seasons-(a real live member anyway--and the cool kids in another!

Chillin' in Old Town Sacramento--everyone was ready for an afternoon off!! (Except for Steve of course, we never let him have a day off:-)

The victory is so much sweeter when shared with dear friends--and Ruthanne and I will be shopping and comparing color swatches in our sleep after this week!