Thursday, May 9, 2013

When It's Springtime in the Rockies.....

It has been quite a while since I posted....but with Spring "bursting out all over" it just didn't seem right to let all these pictures sit in my camera with no where to go!

Can't wait to take the next picture when they hatch!

I have some unusual tulips popping up this year! Look out Georgia O'Keefe-now I want to paint this!

I forgot my camera card, but iPhone to the rescue--Rachelle, Sarah and I had a girls night out at the cabin to watch the meteor shower--one was all we could muster before we froze--meteor showers are a summer affair I have decided--however, Rachelle channelling her inner Giada more than made up for the lack of star power!

Zac and Jake are helping me "deck the halls" as we prepare for Springtime visitors and festivities!

I am a potter--in more ways than one!

Jake coming to the family's rescue and fixing us dinner-channelling his inner Iron Chef!

So, "the Muses have been in" the past few weeks as I have spent a little more time on the right side of my brain and less on the left. Cathy and Cheryl both joined me for a painting class as Michaels. Hopefully, we can have a few more "painting parties" in the future!

Well, they aren't Monets, but they are very fun!

Heather inspired me to quit talking about it and just do it. I have made my own dishes to eat out of this month, a table to eat on--now if I can just talk Jake into being my live=in chef so I don't have to make the food to serve too!